CFP: ‘Tolkien’s Medicinal Medieval World: Illness and Healing in Middle-earth’ 

Welcome. I wanted to create a space initially for former students and enthusiasts alike to share ideas, favorite places and suggest those volumes of verse that one cannot live without. In an attempt to stay connected and share my own experiences I hope to gain knowledge from others. Therefore I now have a platform, as I said I would, as a place to discover new ideas, cherish old ones and share in the literary experience; we might just learn something about life in the process. It is a work in progress…

So I start where it all began for me, when I was four, with a little help from PBS audio…
In a Hole in the Ground

Tolkien was a man of intricate details and continual research. I hope to share my research and findings about his work, his textual influences, and the history of the concept of creation in this site. Beginning with his own words and ideas but also exploring those texts that became the fabric of his life’s writing and work.

I also hope to share the many resources I have come across along the way.

“I believe it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk

that keep the darkness at bay”

J. R. R. Tolkien ~ The Hobbit

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