Interested in writing/presenting about Tolkien and Medieval Medicine?

At the tenth hour, I am looking for submissions for special sessions topic at Kalamazoo 2021. The topic is Tolkien’s World and Medieval Medicine:


In times of uncertainty, literature provides unique insight into human turmoil—both cultural and physical. J.R.R. Tolkien’s reimaginings of the medieval world and its systemic problems, provide a first hand account—albeit fictional—of the real and gruesome harshness of illness and pain that plague humanity today. This session will look at the unique ways Tolkien’s writing—as influenced from medieval text—treats illness, healing, and triumph over worldwide struggle through herbal remedy, unification fo culture and confrontation of systemic hatred. Middle-earth serves as microcosm of hope against systemic illness and danger; and in effect heals a broken world.

If you are interested please email me an abstract of 250 words or less by tomorrow at 5pm EST. You must apply as a participant for the conference by midnight tomorrow 9/15. I will email out the link for the KZOO participant form following submission.

Please email your abstracts to

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