CFP: ‘Tolkien’s Medicinal Medieval World: Illness and Healing in Middle-earth’

Edited Collection: Call for Chapters   ‘Tolkien’s Medicinal Medieval World: Illness and Healing in Middle-earth’  Deadline for submissions: August 1, 2020  Annie Brust, Kent State University, Geauga  Contact email: (mailto:  This Collection: This collection focuses on and explores the concepts of illness and healing in association with Tolkien’s medieval connections and Middle-earth. Proposals/Articles should explore ideasContinue reading “CFP: ‘Tolkien’s Medicinal Medieval World: Illness and Healing in Middle-earth’”

Interested in writing/presenting about Tolkien and Medieval Medicine?

At the tenth hour, I am looking for submissions for special sessions topic at Kalamazoo 2021. The topic is Tolkien’s World and Medieval Medicine: Abstract: In times of uncertainty, literature provides unique insight into human turmoil—both cultural and physical. J.R.R. Tolkien’s reimaginings of the medieval world and its systemic problems, provide a first hand account—albeitContinue reading “Interested in writing/presenting about Tolkien and Medieval Medicine?”

The Tolkien experience

If you haven’t checked out this podcast, you should. The guests featured, offer insightful and inspiring looks into their journeys with Tolkien. I especially recommend this podcast for those of you who are working on academic pieces. The interviews/testimonials have been extremely helpful in my own research, especially to hear how established critics in theContinue reading “The Tolkien experience”